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Dramatically reduce the time to draft and agree your derivatives documents,
track negotiation status, and unlock your legal data, all with ISDA Create.

Built in collaboration

ISDA Create is a collaboration between the
International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (ISDA) and Linklaters.

From document creation to execution -
an end-to-end solution

Automates the creation, negotiation, and execution of derivatives documentation for
both the buy-side, sell-side and custodians.

Accelerate your contract lifecycle

ISDA Create automates repetitive tasks to streamline even the most complex derivative negotiations helping parties reach timely agreement. The platform enhances seamless coordination across an organisation by automating stages of the contract lifecycle in a way that is most impactful for legal and operations teams.

The integration of features like in-platform document approvals that reduce the need for emails and allowing users to invite one or multiple counterparties to simultaneously begin negotiations using the same template, results in an overall faster and more efficient contracting process.

Accelerate your contract lifecycle
Legal data

Unlock the power of your legal data

Legal data is and should be of critical importance to every financial institution. With ISDA Create, you can downstream 100% accurate structured legal data from your derivative documents as well as export a complete audit trail of user activity and related negotiation history.

ISDA Create is also integrated into the Common Domain Model (CDM), which establishes a single, common digital representation of trade events and actions across the lifecycle of financial products. Integrating the CDM conversion service into ISDA Create allows structured legal data captured during the negotiation process to flow directly through to trading, operational and risk management systems in a consistent way, increasing efficiency and reducing the need for manual intervention.

Eliminate risk for good

For too long, financial institutions have had to tolerate and work with the high levels of risk that accompany a manual contracting process. ISDA Create provides a solution to mitigate this risk through commercial, risk management, resource management functions and overall transparency.

The platform provides a way for legal and other stakeholders to track the status of a negotiation, and this is made transparent through the platform’s interactive dashboard. This immediate visibility allows users to access all their data while simultaneously reducing risk.

By implementing data and analytics, this allows teams to identify issues sooner as well as manage resources during negotiations. There is also no requirement for any post-execution data transfer from negotiated documentation to internal systems, thus reducing the potential for errors and minimalizing risk throughout the entire process.

Doug Donahue, CreateiQ board member and Finance partner at Linklaters, says:

“It’s a powerful tool that can entwine risk management elements into the everyday workflow, ensuring a level of quality control and audit control that just cannot happen to the same degree in the paper world.”

Eliminate risk for good

Created by experts at Linklaters

ISDA Create is powered by CreateiQ, the only legal technology solution developed in-house by an international law firm. Their lawyers and legal engineers have worked with ISDA to create market standard derivatives templates for the industry.

Use Cases

ISDA Create is a subscription product that gives users unlimited access to ISDA templates. Document packs cover:

  • Regulatory Initial Margin (IM) documentation
  • ISDA Master Agreement and Schedule, including the Clause Library
  • Benchmark Reform Amendment Agreement
  • Standard Amendment Agreements
  • Account Control Agreements
  • Variation Margin Credit Support Annexes, including the Clause Library.
Use cases

The negotiation of IM documentation can be time consuming, and with a large number of entities – this will create a significant compliance burden. ISDA Create is intended to help with this process by enabling firms to negotiate their IM documentation completely online in a digital format, which can then be directly consumed by the collateral management, trade reporting and other systems of the firm.

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